Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Various Ways of Getting Stains out of Your Carpet

Carpets have the unique ability to convert your house into a home filled with warmth; however, carpets tend to attract a lot of dust and other allergens. This warm yet economical floor covering also has the ability to last a very long time provided it is properly taken care of. Taking proper care of a carpet involves both regular vacuuming and periodic carpet cleaning using either the wet or dry method. Most people can't clearly differentiate between the two methods; despite the fact that the difference may seem obvious, one uses water while other does not. However, there is more involved than that. The right cleaning method for your carpet largely depends on the type you own, the amount of dirt on it and the type of dirt or dust it mostly accumulates. Some of the methods carpet cleaners use includes;

Hot Water Extraction

The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is also referred to as steam cleaning despite the fact no actual steam is used. The method incorporates high pressure and mainly involves the spraying of a very hot cleaning solution into the carpet. The carpet cleaners then use a vacuum device to remove the solution together with any dirt that was within the carpet fibers. This method is ideal for heavily soiled carpets because it tends to remove more contaminants when compared to other methods. The major downside of hot water extraction is a long drying time.


Shampooing also falls under the category of wet cleaning methods. The method involves scrubbing a shampoo into the carpet using a special type of brush known as a rotary brush. After the carpet has dried up, carpet cleaners use a vacuum to remove the debris. Most carpet cleaning shampoos contain chemicals that reduce odors, speed up drying or even brighten the carpet's colors. This method is ideal for residential or low-pile carpets because the strong agitation tends to damage longer pile carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a popular dry carpet cleaning method that involves misting detergent onto the carpet then buffing the carpet surface with a highly absorbent pad. Once the cleaning product is on the carpet, a rotary pad agitates the soil thus removing it. The bonnet or pad must be periodically removed otherwise it will fill up with dirt. Since very little moisture is used, the carpet tends to dry up quickly. The bonnet cleaning method is most effective when cleaning the top parts of a carpet; it may leave grit and sand at the base of the carpet fibers.

Dry Chemical/ Dry Powder

Dry chemical cleaning involves spreading moist powder onto the carpet and working in the powder with a brush. Some drying time is required before the carpet cleaners can vacuum up the powder. This method works best for carpets placed in high traffic or public areas where having a wet carpet could prove to be problematic. However, the dry powder method is not as effective as other wet carpet cleaning methods.

Before selecting the right cleaning method, there are several factors carpet cleaners must put into consideration. Understanding the various methods of cleaning a carpet is therefore of great importance.

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